06 November 2010


A few things I love about my Niko...

Every night he resumes guard duty, crouched down and bunched up facing the door with intent.

Niko loves to talk. A lot. We have long conversations with him almost every morning as soon as we're awake and he comes to investigate the conversation resonating from our bedroom.

He stepped on my face the other day and kicked my hubby in the eye once.

Give him a few treats and he'll love you forever.

I can't go to the bathroom and shut the door because he will cry and push it open. No privacy unless he says so.

My husband plays Hide-and-Go-Seek with him. Niko even meows before looking, as if to say "ready or not here I come!"

Even though he's not a lap cat, Niko climbs all over me early in the morning to make sure I feed him. If I don't get up right away he will sit on my shoulder or chest and stare me down.

He loves forts.

When my husband makes coffee, Niko jumps on top of the counter to help.

He eats my baking.

The second bedroom is Niko's room.

When playing he keeps his claws retracted.

Whenever Michael goes on the computer, Niko is right there sticking his kitty butt in my husband's face, begging for attention.

He will always be my little love.

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