24 August 2013

Cards Against Humanity

As young adults grow into not-so-young adults, we begin to look for purchases that are investments. How much can I get for my money? For example, a house to use as equity, an electric toothbrush to cut down the risk of cavities and gum disease, an expensive mattress that'll last 20 years and won't give you back pain, a time share.... you get the point.

If you can buy no other luxury for the rest of the year (thank goodness it's almost September),  invest in some fun:

For those of you unfamiliar with the best.game.ever., Cards Against Humanity is a demented politically incorrect version of the card game Apples to Apples. It's the end result of a Kickstarter project from a few Highland Park High School Alums (go Chicago!!). If you are a horrible person (and I have a sneaking suspicion you are) and have horrible friends, you have no excuse NOT to buy Cards Against Humanity.

You will laugh. You will cry (with laughter). And if you're like me, you'll probably have to explain racy terms like necrophilia, smegma and queefing (okay so I had to have that one explained to me..... at least I learned!) to an open-minded yet prudish mother.


Remember when I talked above about investments? When purchasing this game you have two options:

1. Buy that sucker from Amazon or another online retailer that sells it: $25 for the game, $10 for each expansion pack (there are two.... for now).

2. Download it for free here and print it out.

You may be thinking "Now I can spend my last fifty fun dollars on a month's worth of Starbucks and get the all this fun for free!"

Not so fast.

Once you weigh the cost of ink, paper, time & labor to cut that shit up, against how well you and your drunk friends will care for those flimsy cards once you get a game going, your best option is selling out and going for the mass produced pack. Take my advice as I am almost always right.

WARNING: Cards Against Humanity is not for kids, the easily offended, people who take themselves too seriously, the annoyingly competitive game player, individuals who consider themselves "classy," or your Grandma (unless she's a dirty old lady). 

Seriously guys, it comes with a "17+" label.

It's inappropriate fun for the sake of inappropriate fun and as long as I have dirty-minded, incredibly offensive friends and family, I will be playing this game for years to come.

Rating: 5 out of 5 Dirty Jokes

*This was a purchase based on the recommendation of a friend (yes, I have one or two), and I am in no way affiliated with the creators of this game which is a damn shame because they seem like a hoot.


  1. I have a friend who has worn out her Apples to Apples cards and all the expansion packs she can get her hands on. totally tell her about this.

    1. Just to make sure.... you read the warning, right?? ;)