15 May 2013

Fashion Finds: Birthday List

Six days from today-- so next week on May 22nd if you want to get technical-- we're moving back to the Chicago area. It's also exactly TWO MONTHS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!

Not that I'm excited or anything.

However, there are people in this world who are excited and love me enough to give me presents (which any self-obsessed, materialistic woman's happiness depends on). To prepare for the flood of gift requests I'm sure will pour in, I've compiled a list-- with pictures!!!-- of everything fashionable that will make my birthday amazing (besides World Peace-- get on that shit, people!).

First things first: a mani/pedi. It's essential for relaxation and summer feet exposed from wearing sandals all the time. And I haven't had one done professionally since my wedding nearly 6 years ago.

For my finger nails, I'd love a combo of NARS "Trouville" and Sephora by OPI "Key Lime Pie." I'm thinking candy stripes or make the ring fingers pink and the rest green.

 Then for the pedicure, I'll go with white toes for summer-- they look really cute! My apologies for the foot photo: it's the least gross one I could find.

Now for my favorite part: CLOTHES!!! I'm obsessing over tunics at the moment as I own a grand total of zero. For we goddesses of the curvier variety, there's a great website exclusive for sizes 10-28 called SimplyBe. While I have yet to try their clothing, SimplyBe has an in-depth sizing chart for clothes, bras, and shoes, as well as instructions on how to take your measurements (something a goober like myself needs).

A few tunics that have caught my eye...

Frock & Frill Lace Trim Strappy Tunic-- I love it because it's summery, feminine, and a change from the black and grey I always wear. 

Joe Browns Marrakesh Crinkle Tunic-- Gorgeous neckline, amazing color, fantastic shape.

Changes Boutique Strappy Top-- Vibrant but sexy, and a little bit rock 'n' roll if you style it right.

These tunics are long-- a benefit for anyone with a less than flattering tummy-- and pair perfectly with leggings.

Oh yes, I totally wear leggings. I love them! I get the black ones from Torrid since they're thick, warm, and not see-through, something Kim K, Sophia Vergara, and this woman should've considered before leaving the house. Some people may say leggings are a sign of "giving up," not to be worn outside the house, and that bigger women should never wear them.

I say fuck 'em. Wear what you like! I happen to like leggings. BOOM.

I especially like these Pull On Slim Leggings in red from SimplyBe paired with the Marrakesh tunic above:

Of course, I still wear jeans because they're classic and go with everything.

Sophia Blue Washed Skinny Jeans from Torrid-- I have a pair already and would like another.

And of course I need (priorities!!) these two jackets to wear over my tunics and leggings...

Joe Browns Remarkable Coat-- true it's more for spring, but I love the quirkiness and the polka dot lining.

This Tall Spot Blazer would be a-mazing for summer since it's jersey and will go with everything!

Finally, no birthday wardrobe would be complete without accessories!! First up, this baby:

Michael Kors Medium Jet Set Multifunction Saffiano Tote in Vanilla

 And of course, nautical jewelry from Etsy:

And wedge sneakers for style :)

Wow.... this list is 'spensive. But I'm totally worth it.

What are your summer wardrobe desires? Do YOU have a birthday too??

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  1. You be rockin' it! I really dig the red leggings too. Time to start doing some springtime shopping!