16 January 2013

A Visit With Grandma

I realize New Years Day happened... you know... January 1st, but I was busy with a couple projects and therefore (big time) slacking at updating the HPG. So I'm going to reflect on entering 2013 and visiting with my grandma on the first and you can't stop me! (not that you would or anything, I just wanted to create drama)

Though we'd spoken a few months ago after her shoulder surgery, Grandma and I hadn't seen each other since September 2011-- we were overdue for a visit, no?  As luck would have it, the group with whom she regularly travels had planned an excursion to the Rose Bowl Parade with stops in Catalina Island and Los Angeles. 

Hey! That's where I live!

So I drove down to Commerce, CA where she was staying, got lost for 30 minutes after exiting the highway, but still managed to pick up Grandma and her roommate for an afternoon of chatting and showing off our 'hood.  Fortunately my grandma has been to and through LA a few times so she preferred to visit rather than have me play "tour guide" (thank God).  

On our walk through the complex-- where many a picture of trees were taken-- I found these pretty pink flowers had fallen from their tree/bush/home plant. I don't do nature, let alone garden, but Grandma, on the other hand, has a friggin' waterfall that trickles into a koi pond and is surrounded by green stuff-- to say that she likes plants would be an understatement.  Anyway, Grandma insisted I float them in a crystal bowl since that's what you apparently do with flowers dammit! 

(I would like to clarify that the "dammit" is a reflection of my crass mouth and never uttered by my dear sweet grandmother.)

......You've probably noticed that bowl is NOT crystal. In fact, it's a ceramic cereal bowl from Crate & Barrel (let's hear it for wedding gifts!). Not to worry, Grandma said it would do.

Like we do with all our visitors, we took Grandma and Linda (her travel roommate) to the Americana for a paid-for-by-Grandma-because-she-insisted-and-is-awesome dinner at Granville Cafe

I heart this pic. 

Being blessed with seeing family on the First of the Year was a wonderful way to begin 2013. I grew up with a close extended family and therefore a close bond with my grandma. She attended every birthday, holiday, band and choir concerts, graduations, spent many summers at her vacation house in Door County, Wisconsin, and even traveled to Canada on a chorus trip with the family. Not to mention her world traveling has inspired all of her grandkids to get out and experience culture.

You read that right: "WORLD traveling." Grandma has visited all seven continents-- Antarctica was just a few years ago-- most multiple times and her 79 year old awesome self has five more trips planned for this year before her second shoulder surgery, as well as a couple lined up already for 2014. Is she a role model or what?! She uses laughter, love, and family to go through life, not really a surprise considering she's the daughter of Great Grandma Young.

Seeing Grandma, hearing about her travels and future plans was the final push I needed to turn my life around. I want to have children, grandchildren, and, God willing, great grandchildren. I want to know them as adults, I want to have the energy to keep up with everyone, and I want to remain independent. How's that for a resolution?


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by all.

    And that sounds like a great resolution

  2. That's a great resolution! And your grandma is a real role model!

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