22 May 2011

Tri-color Cupcakes

I meant to blog about this after Mom's Day but I've been neglecting my blog-o-sphere duties.  There are no excuses... just plain procrastinating laziness.
Anyway, since we were spending the day with my in-laws I decided to bake cupcakes I was sure my MIL would like (especially since she's not really into sweets). So I went for multi-colored semi-homemade buttermilk yellow cupcakes with homemade cinnamon butter cream.  Before viewing the photos I need to clarify that this was my first time baking cupcakes and using food coloring in a non Easter egg capacity, as well as making butter cream.

Okay so the colors I chose for the cupcakes were supposed to be Chicago Bears blue and orange with magenta.... next time I'll just stick with blue and orange. Also, next time I will stick with NOT doing multiple colors in each cupcake-- you need to have a lot of patience.  Furthermore, the recipe did not specify how much batter was required to fill each holder so I ended up with only half-filled papers and some that were a bit high.  Ah well, you live and you learn.  I still loved baking them, serving them, and eating them so if you need cupcakes for anything that aren't too complicated, this is a good recipe.

After mixing the batter, I separated it into 3 bowls and dyed each to my specific colors.  You need a TON of blue food coloring to get it that dark, as well as yellow for the orange.  The "magenta" came out "raspberry" and in the photos looks a bit... brown. Coloring batter takes time.

The general effect of all the hard work.

My uneven marble cupcakes. At least they tasted good!

The final product... man that was good frosting.

Hodge Podge's Baking Tips:
  • When choosing a cake mix for the recipe, don't be afraid to spend a bit more on a good brand.
  • Use an electric mixer, either a handheld or standing one will work, it makes for a smooth batter & frosting.
  • Check each cupcake after they've baked unless you have an awesome convection oven.  I don't so the items in the back bake faster than the ones in front.  Adjust according to your appliance.
  • And the food coloring is completely optional-- the batter is delish.

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